Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Yesterday was the last time that I saw my husband, in our home.
Yesterday, I laughed, I cried with the man whom has both destroyed me and built me.
Yesterday, I mourned all that I had lost.
Yesterday, I celebrated all that I had gained.

Yesterday, I let go of my marriage and the battle scars that weave themselves through my days and nights beating a rhythm that I do not yet understand.

Today, is the day that I move on.
Today, I create a future for myself.
Today, I have never been more alone.
Today, I have so much hope.

Today, I pluck new dreams out of the universe and spin myself new stars to follow, and renovate old ones.

I am no longer a wife, but instead am just Jo.
Just Jo, with all the potential those two words contain.
What will I become?